Medical establishments in all 50 states are participating in child abuse under the guise of “gender affirming care.” Instead of receiving the help they need to alleviate their confusion, children are needlessly suffering at the hands of medical professionals who have prioritized a radical ideology over science, health, and safety. 

In South Dakota, Sanford Health Research Center has partnered with the Transformation Project to promote “gender transition” procedures and a recent report by the National Review details how gender ideology has conquered our state.

“Gender transition” procedures, which include double mastectomies, genital surgeries, hysterectomies, puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormones, have proven to be detrimental to children’s long-term health. Puberty blockers alone cause sterilization, brain development issues, bone density loss, and much more. Further, the vast majority of gender dysphoric children end up re-identifying with their biological sex, but these procedures are irreversible. 

Doctors are mutilating healthy bodies and affirming lies that are causing children to suffer. This is the opposite of “healthcare” – it’s child abuse. 

As more and more detransitioners come forward to bring awareness to the pain and regret they now endure thanks to the damaging procedures they underwent, it’s clear that South Dakota children desperately need protection. 

The good news is that our legislators are taking action. FHA Action joined a large group of legislators, non-profit leaders, and concerned citizens to announce the introduction of Representative Bethany Soye’s “Help Not Harm” legislation

The bill makes it illegal to perform/prescribe “gender transition” surgeries, cross-sex hormones, and puberty blockers to minor children. It also provides a pathway for someone to collect damages later in life if they are harmed and subjects doctors to review by the medical board for Unprofessional Conduct if they perform the surgeries or prescribe the puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones. To learn more about the legislation, visit

At the press conference announcing the bill, Representative Soye explained that “Healthcare providers in South Dakota are becoming increasingly bold about the experimental treatments and sterilizing procedures being performed on children in our state. Now is the time to protect our youth. We care deeply about children struggling with their identities and want to provide them with true meaningful help and healing, not permanent bodily harm. That’s why I am introducing the Help not Harm Act.”

The bill was assigned to House Health & Human Services, and will receive a hearing shortly. Similar bills have been introduced in the past, but were defeated due to opposition from several Republicans and pressure from medical establishments that administer the “transition” procedures. This year however, the momentum has shifted and there is a much clearer path to victory. Due in part to Governor Noem announcing her support of the legislation earlier this week.

South Dakota can’t afford to reject these protections again. The health and safety of our children is on the line. Please contact our representatives and urge them to support this bill.