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Family Voice is committed to defending the freedom to live our Christian faith in every aspect of public life. This is not just the freedom to worship, but the freedom to freely exercise our faith.


The strength of a nation is directly related to the strength of its families. We seek to strengthen families by educating and equipping and being their champion.


Our Constitution outlines many freedoms that we as Americans enjoy. These rights and freedoms come from God, are reiterated in the Constitution, and are worth protecting.

Family Voice is a South Dakota non-profit organization
that seeks to defend the values that you cherish.


Unpacking “Faith, Family & Freedom”

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Norman WoodsFebruary 16, 2024  There is a lot to report after week 6 of the legislative session! Here are a few highlights.   Age verification (HB1257) The bill which requires explicit websites to implement an age verification system passed out of committee unanimously, and heads to the House floor. If you haven’t already, please write an email to […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsFebruary 16, 2024Have you ever been convinced to sign a petition and later realized the facts were misrepresented to you? Maybe not – but countless pro-life individuals in South Dakota fell victim to manipulation tactics used by the pro-abortion lobby in order to get their radical measures on the ballot in November. Aside from the blatant abuse […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsFebruary 14, 2024The past few weeks of South Dakota’s 2024 legislative session have been enlightening – mostly because it is here that we see legislators’ true colors; whether they will put their words into action, or renege on their promises. Sadly, several legislators have taken a path of extremism this session. Three bills in particular have unveiled […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsFebruary 5, 2024South Dakota could soon join the ranks of the eight states that have adopted bipartisan legislation to require age verification measures on pornography websites. So far this legislative season, at least 14 other states have introduced bills echoing the original legislation crafted by Louisiana in 2022 – and South Dakota is one of them. HB […] [...] Read more...

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