Working in the trenches and promoting values to protect our freedom!


Building strong relationships and bridging gaps to enhance the foundation of family.


The Family Heritage Alliance is committed to defending the freedom to live our Christian faith in every aspect of public life. This is not just the freedom to worship, but the freedom to freely exercise our faith.


The strength of a nation is directly related to the strength of its families. We seek to strengthen families by educating and equipping and being their champion.


Our Constitution outlines many freedoms that we as Americans enjoy. These rights and freedoms come from God, are reiterated in the Constitution, and are worth protecting.

The Family Heritage Alliance is a South Dakota non-profit organization
that seeks to defend the values that you cherish.


Unpacking “Faith, Family & Freedom”

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Norman WoodsSeptember 15, 2023A prominent detransitioner has been censored on Instagram for sharing her story of medical abuse and negligence through her transition process, which began at age 13. Big Tech is blinded by their woke agenda and can’t see the truth – that transitioning minor children has vast repercussions and many individuals who undergo the harmful treatments […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsSeptember 8, 2023For many millennials, Scholastic’s brand evokes fond childhood memories of book fairs and elementary school reading. But the once-trusted brand, known for classics like Clifford the Big Red Dog, has abandoned the ideals of childhood wonder and innocence and is now using their platform to push LGBT ideology onto unsuspecting kids. Before he passed away […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsSeptember 4, 2023In South Dakota, we will have abortion in all nine months of pregnancy unless we take intentional and immediate action. We need to combat the unethical tactics and lies being used by the pro-abortion lobby as they attempt to amend our constitution. We need your help. The proposed constitutional amendment is radically anti-life and would […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsAugust 28, 2023On Wednesday night, eight presidential hopefuls lined the stage of Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum arena, kicking off the inaugural debate of the 2024 presidential election. The moderators, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, brought a wide range of topics to the table, including the education system, foreign policy, and even UFOs. The lively debate offered a peek […] [...] Read more...

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