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Family Voice is committed to defending the freedom to live our Christian faith in every aspect of public life. This is not just the freedom to worship, but the freedom to freely exercise our faith.


The strength of a nation is directly related to the strength of its families. We seek to strengthen families by educating and equipping and being their champion.


Our Constitution outlines many freedoms that we as Americans enjoy. These rights and freedoms come from God, are reiterated in the Constitution, and are worth protecting.

Family Voice is a South Dakota non-profit organization
that seeks to defend the values that you cherish.


Unpacking “Faith, Family & Freedom”

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Norman WoodsApril 5, 2024The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case between Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine (AHM) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in which the group of pro-life doctors is arguing that the FDA’s approval of the abortion drug mifepristone was “arbitrary and capricious” and puts pro-life medical professionals in a position of completing elective abortions, […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsApril 1, 2024Originally published in The Dakota Scout, March 28 edition The in-vitro fertilization (IVF) industry has a heartwarming story to tell you. They will introduce you to their growing community of loving couples who wish to become parents, and show you pictures of the smiling faces who were born because of IVF practices. But this is only […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsMarch 29, 2024In 2000, the FDA approved mifepristone, the first of a two-drug protocol used to kill babies through the 10th week of pregnancy, as a “safe and effective” means of abortion. But in their fervor to provide an “easy,” non-surgical option for abortion, did they bypass serious safety concerns that put women at risk? That’s what […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsMarch 19, 2024Last week, the state of Indiana joined eight other states in passing legislation that implements age-verification procedures for pornographic websites to help ensure minors do not gain access to explicit content. The bill states that websites that do not comply could be fined up to $250,000. Ironically, the very same day that the Indiana Senate […] [...] Read more...

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