Building strong relationships and bridging gaps to enhance the foundation of family.


Working in the trenches and promoting values to protect our freedom!


The Family Heritage Alliance is committed to defending the freedom to live our Christian faith in every aspect of public life. This is not just the freedom to worship, but the freedom to freely exercise our faith.


The strength of a nation is directly related to the strength of its families. We seek to strengthen families by educating and equipping and being their champion.


Our Constitution outlines many freedoms that we as Americans enjoy. These rights and freedoms come from God, are reiterated in the Constitution, and are worth protecting.

The Family Heritage Alliance is a South Dakota non-profit organization
that seeks to defend the values that you cherish.


Unpacking “Faith, Family & Freedom”

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Norman WoodsMay 25, 2023A new bipartisan bill introduced in the US Senate would require social media platforms to automatically filter content that minors are exposed to by default rather than having to manually change the settings on the app. It also provides outlets for parents to have more involvement in the content their children are exposed to and […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsMay 19, 2023A new study shows that over 70% of women describe their abortions as “inconsistent with their own values and preferences,” and nearly one in four consider their abortions to have been “unwanted or coerced.” This reaffirms once again that the abortion agenda does not support the health and welfare of women or promote their best […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsMay 12, 2023After months of controversy, the Board of Regents has finally updated their “minors on campus” policy in response to a student-led “kid-friendly” drag show hosted on South Dakota State University’s campus last November. After the event took place, a Dakota News Now reporter described the show as including “age-appropriate attire, music, and behavior,” but his […] [...] Read more...
Norman WoodsMay 5, 2023Last week Caroline and I experienced something that cannot be described as anything but a “God thing.” Some things in life can be chalked up to coincidence, but this wasn’t one of them. A few months ago I posted something on my social media page about Declining to Sign a radical abortion amendment in our […] [...] Read more...

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