Sanford Health Research Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is joining the movement of medical professionals who are promoting child abuse.

The research center is partnering with the Transformation Project, an organization with a mission of “supporting and empowering transgender youth” to put on the 3rd annual Midwest Gender Identity Summit, which will be held on January 13, 2023 at the Sanford Research Center. 

The event will focus on various subjects all stemming from the lie that men and women can change their gender. The session topics include, “Supporting Your Two-Spirit & Native LGBTQ+ Patients and Coworkers,” “Learning to Address Implicit Bias Towards LGBTQ+ & 2S Patients,” and “Gender Affirming Care and The Attitude of Affirmation in Assessment.” Left-wing activists and medical staff will give presentations perpetuating radical gender ideology. 

Sanford is “the largest rural health system in the United States,” meaning its partnership with the Transformation Project is nothing to gloss over. It serves over one million patients, runs 47 medical centers, and employs 2,800 doctors.

The Transformation Project frequently targets conservative lawmakers and opposed a South Dakota bill that would have prohibited doctors from performing gender reassignment surgeries on children or prescribing them puberty blockers.

These puberty blockers are the same substances used to chemically castrate sex offenders. They’ve also been proven to cause sterilization, brain development issues, bone density loss, and much more. 

Gender reassignment surgeries include double mastectomies, genital surgeries and hysterectomies on children as young as 15. Doctors are mutilating healthy bodies and affirming lies that are causing children to suffer. This is the opposite of “healthcare” – it’s child abuse. 

This is all because medicine and scientific exploration have been strangled by ideology. Biologists, scientists, and even doctors are being told to ignore evidence that could threaten politically favored ideologies. Science and medicine are no longer concerned with the pursuit of knowledge and truth, as they ought to be. Instead, healthy bodies are being mutilated at the behest of a baseless faith in a “gendered soul.” 

These procedures need to be stopped here in South Dakota. We tried to stop these surgeries in 2020 with HB1057, which would have prohibited doctors from performing gender “transition” surgeries or administering harmful puberty blockers to minors. While that bill failed, we are hopeful that a similar bill will protect children in the near future. 

We previously held an event explaining the contributing factors to gender identity, the impact on public policy, and how we as Christians can respond in truth and grace. You can watch the lecture here