A prominent detransitioner has been censored on Instagram for sharing her story of medical abuse and negligence through her transition process, which began at age 13. Big Tech is blinded by their woke agenda and can’t see the truth – that transitioning minor children has vast repercussions and many individuals who undergo the harmful treatments spend the rest of their life regretting it. 

Chloe Cole, who describes herself as having two X chromosomes on her Instagram profile, began taking testosterone and puberty blockers at the age of 13, had a double mastectomy at 15, and one year later began the detransition process at 16. She is now 19 years old and is still facing the consequences of these decisions – decisions she now firmly believes should not be available to any minors.

Six months ago, Chloe appeared before the South Dakota Senate Health & Human Services committee in favor of HB 1080, the Help Not Harm Act. Although a California native, she shared her story in South Dakota’s legislature to spread awareness of a struggle many child transitioners throughout the nation experience later in life. 

“I was treated negligently by my healthcare provider, but the biggest failure they made was encouraging and allowing me to medically transition as a child in the first place,” Chloe said. “I have suffered a multitude of complications from blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery. My quality of life is still being impacted to this day.”

Chloe added that the reason for her onset of gender dysphoria was never adequately addressed by her therapist or gender specialist, and she later learned there were underlying reasons for her confusion that, if explored, could have spared her from the transgender treatment options pushed on her by medical professionals.

Chloe’s platform on social media is focused on sharing her detransition story and spreading facts about others who have faced similar circumstances. On Sunday, she posted a screenshot of Instagram/Meta alerting her that her profile will no longer be shown to non-followers on explore pages, reportedly because it violated their community guidelines on violence. 

The Family Research Council responded to this by saying “Instagram is right. Chloe’s story is violent. It is violent to perform a double mastectomy on a healthy teen for no medical reason. It is violent to give experimental drugs to kids that block normal body functioning, permanently alter their physiology, and likely make them sterile. It is violent to be shunned by the medical community when you ask for help to correct the damage. But Chloe’s story is real, and it’s happening to thousands of other kids across the country. ” (emphasis added)

Chloe’s story is a cautionary tale of what happens when you allow children to make unnecessary medical decisions for themselves. It is a story that deserves to be told, and heard by anyone who wants to listen. Big Tech censoring Chloe proves one thing: they are scared of the truth.