The abortion industry and even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continue to push for increased “access” to the abortion pill despite the numerous proven risks associated with it.

Chemical abortion accounted for more than half of all abortions in 2020, and its popularity continues to rise.

Alarmingly, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced its plan to reverse abortion pill restrictions meant to keep women safe. It is no longer requiring women to see a doctor in-person before obtaining the pill to “ensure that the benefits of the drug outweigh its risks.”

Loosening restrictions means that more healthcare providers will offer women the pill with quicker access, leaving them little time to consider alternative options.

Major research from around the world consistently demonstrates the dangers and complications associated with chemical abortions. The pill puts women at risk for infection, injury, loss of fertility, depression and even death. It also has an even higher rate of dangerous side effects than surgical abortion.

“The latest evidence-based science and data confirm that chemical abortion leads to surging rates of emergency room utilization and life-threatening complications, including severe bleeding, infection and the need for surgery,” said director of life sciences at the anti-abortion Charlotte Lozier Institute Dr. Tara Sander Lee.

From 2002 to 2015, ER visits that resulted from the abortion pill increased by 507%. Further, over 60% of those patients in were misdiagnosed and treated for miscarriages in 2015.

Many people thought chemical abortions were easy and painless until they saw the movie Unplanned, which realistically depicts how traumatic taking the pill can be. It shows the multi-day process that involves severe cramping, contractions, and bleeding until the baby is expelled. The mother then must see and dispose of her aborted child, which inflicts life-long emotional wounds.

Thankfully, a few bills were presented this session to change South Dakota’s abortion pill laws. This week, the House’s Health and Human Services Committee voted in favor of a HB1318, which would prohibit abortion via telemedicine and require women to see a doctor three separate times before they could obtain the abortion pill.

The House also proposed a HB1208 this week, which would completely ban the pill. The legislation is now headed to the Senate.

Please pray for the success of these initiatives and contact your local representatives to urge them to support these bills.

The science is clear. Chemical abortions are extremely dangerous for everyone involved. They end the life of an innocent child created by God and put the life of the mother in great danger.

The abortion industry and our federal agencies have failed women, and it is up to us to protect them.