Conservatives have seen the writing on the wall for years regarding the transgender movement, and even members of the Left are starting to realize it’s not as “innocent” as they once assumed. It started with crossdressing and “preferred pronouns,” but quickly devolved into allowing men to overtake women’s sports, invade female bathrooms and locker rooms, and now, even stealing valuable scholarships and positions meant for biological women – which is exactly what Tate Drageset has been doing for almost a decade.

Since he was nine years old, Tate has been exploited by his trans-activist mother who kept his identity a secret, but used his story of “transitioning” to a female as a child to push the transgender agenda to new limits. Tate managed to hide his biological gender from schools, parents, and other students, all the while racking up awards in girls’ sports, especially volleyball.

He was named MVP at the Girls Junior National Championship, won the California Interscholastic Federation’s Division 5 Player of the 2022-23 Year, and brought two teams in two separate age groups to the National Championship in one year, both claiming the national title. All these accolades belong to biological women, not men who learned how to rig the system.

“When compared to same-height female athletes within his volleyball club, Drageset’s standing reach, vertical jump, and other key physical metrics are all more favorable,” Reduxx wrote. Additionally, the net in girls’ volleyball is seven inches lower than boys’ volleyball, because males are, on average, six inches taller than girls and significantly more powerful. Tate was using his biological advantage, which the separation of girls’ and boys’ sports was created to remedy, in order to beat out talented female athletes who stood no chance against a man.

This isn’t only a matter of stealing women’s spotlights – it’s about their physical health as well. There have been three separate incidents over the past year in which young women were seriously injured by biological males playing on girls’ sports teams. This has gone too far.

For years this injustice continued, but it all came to a screeching halt when he was awarded a coveted Division I scholarship to the University of Washington – one of the few awards available to female athletes at the school. Outrage immediately ensued, causing UW to rescind the award once they realized Tate was, in fact, a biological male. Coaches at the school were allegedly in the dark about his identity, but the school has remained silent on the issue, as has the NCAA.

“The evil of this ideology is obvious,” Family Research Council’s Meg Kilgannon wrote. “It is built on the lie that a person could be born in the wrong body. So when a delusional or deluded family lies about their son so totally that he can compete for and receive money meant for women scholar athletes, we shouldn’t be surprised. This is the level of disrespect being shown for women, for men, for sport, and certainly for God our Creator.”