In South Dakota, we will have abortion in all nine months of pregnancy unless we take intentional and immediate action. We need to combat the unethical tactics and lies being used by the pro-abortion lobby as they attempt to amend our constitution. We need your help.

The proposed constitutional amendment is radically anti-life and would override current laws that protect the unborn. The amendment specifies that in the first trimester, no safety measures could be established by the legislature – no protections for the mother, no health standards, no requirement to tell parents if their 14-year-old daughter is undergoing an abortion, no safety standards whatsoever. We know that the pro-choice lobby wants unrestricted access to abortion – but setting aside the safety of women in order to achieve their agenda is beyond heartless.

In the second trimester, the amendment would allow the legislature to “regulate” abortion, but only pertaining to the mother’s health – no legal measures could protect the life of the baby.

The amendment only gets worse from there. In the third trimester, the language appears to allow the protection of unborn life, but when you look closer, there’s a massive loophole: an abortion is legally justified any time a doctor believes an abortion is needed to “protect the mother’s health.” Here’s the kicker: that decision is made by an abortion doctor. Thus, all an abortionist needs to do is claim their patient faces a potential health risk by continuing to carry the baby, and he can legally provide an abortion with no repercussions.

Here’s what it comes down to: the pro-abortion lobby needs to obtain 35,000 signatures in order to get this constitutional amendment on the ballot in the November 2024 election. These groups are well-funded and well-organized, and they have resorted to lying. Life Defense Fund has video evidence and personal testimonies showing that the groups participating in signature collecting are manipulating signees in order to gain more signatures.

The pro-life movement is working overtime to combat these unethical tactics being used by pro-abortion groups throughout the state, but we are outnumbered, and time is of the essence. We need your help.

“I won’t sugar-coat this request for reinforcements,” Co-chair of the Life Defense Fund Leslee Unruh writes. “I’m asking you to step into the line of fire. You might be yelled at – you might have nasty things written about you on social media, but I know this movement and I know who you are: you are tireless fighters who are passionate about mothers and babies, and you won’t be intimidated into silence.”

If you are ready to join the fight, contact us or the Life Defense Fund today!

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