Here in America, the Constitution doesn’t govern.

Legislatures write laws that align with it, courts make decisions that affirm it, and governors take actions that are within the confines of it, but it does not govern.

People do, and we need to elect the right people.

We the people are responsible for upholding the Constitution. It will not stand on its own, and it will not protect the liberties of citizens without our stepping up and defending the principles found in it. But don’t take it from me, listen to one of the authors:

“It is a great mistake to suppose that the paper we are to propose will govern the United States. It is the men whom it will bring into the government and interest [they have] in maintaining it that are to govern them. The paper will only mark out the mode and the form. Men are the substance and must do the business.”
– John Francis Mercer

Do you value your right to free speech? The ability to exercise your religious beliefs? Do you value the system of government we have here in America?

Vote to defend it.

Let’s bring this closer to home. Do you value the freedoms here in South Dakota and the way of life we have?

Vote to uphold it.

This spring and fall we have two opportunities. Opportunities to step up. June 7 and November 8 there will be elections held here in South Dakota, and it’s up to us to ensure that people are elected who will uphold our way of life, defend our rights, and govern according to the Constitution.


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