A new Institute for Family Studies research brief reaffirms the conclusion that children from stable, married families have a better chance of receiving the guidance and support they need to succeed academically and adapt confidently to the classroom environment than children from non-traditional households.

Parents are real difference makers in their child’s academic and overall school experience. Providing a strong family and a stable home environment is one of the best ways parents can impact their child’s success, but as our secular culture drifts further from the Truth, parents will have to do more to protect their children. As Rod Dreher writes, “Christian parents must be intentionally countercultural in their approach to family dynamics. The days of living like everybody else and hoping our children turn out for the best are over.”

As children begin going back to school, parents need to have difficult, age-appropriate conversations with their children about what they may encounter.

Students may not be directly confronted with lessons or activities labeled “Critical Race Theory” or “Gender Identity.” Through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) instruction, students may be immersed into conversations that force them to question their worldview – without realizing they are being pushed to change fundamental beliefs about humanity.

First and foremost, families need to be grounded in the Laws of Nature and understand that God’s law is supreme, eternal, and unchanging. This will protect children from many of the lies being presented to them.

Students may be told in the classroom that morality is personal and subjective or that one’s gender is something to be chosen. Children need to know that just as physical laws are unchanging, so too are natural laws. If they are firmly rooted in an accurate understanding of Truth and God’s design, they won’t fall victim to the tactics of the left.

Parents have the power to significantly impact their child’s education and overall well-being. They should begin by providing a strong family rooted in Christian principles. Then they must focus on equipping their children for a progressive onslaught in school by having difficult conversations and remaining aware of what their children are learning. Finally, they need to show up to the polls and elect the Christ-centered candidates who are willing to stand up to activist educators.