The abortion industry continues to push for abortion without restrictions – any time or place, without parental involvement or doctoral supervision, and oftentimes using taxpayer dollars. The next item on their checklist is installing Plan B vending machines on college campuses across the United States. These vending machines allow a young girl to take amega hormone cocktailpill that will wreak havoc on her body.

Thirty-nine colleges in 17 states now offer emergency contraceptive pills, colloquially known as Plan B, dispersed by vending machines in dormitories, student unions, and common spaces. Twenty other universities are considering following in their footsteps. At least two states are even developing legislation to require one or more Plan B vending machines on all publicly-funded campuses. These vending machines are popping up not only in Democrat-led states with abortion access and liberal universities, but in red states and conservative communities.

These abortifacient vending machines are one more example of what we will see in South Dakota of the pro-abortion lobby secures a victory in 2024.

The South Dakota “Right to Abortion” Amendment is currently in the signature-gathering stage. If passed, the constitutional amendment would make abortion legal in South Dakota through all nine months. In the first trimester, the measure would allow all abortions and prohibit medical safety standards, any parental involvement, or any other measures to protect mothers.

In the second and third trimester the measure is written deceptively to appear as though abortion can be restricted or prohibited, but the language has loopholes that are intentionally broad. Abortion would be allowed through all nine months, including vending-machine abortion and late-term abortions.

Petition gatherers have been active across the state attempting to secure the signatures, often lying to citizens to get their signature. Are you willing to stand up and fight back?

The Life Defense Fund has been formed to combat this radical proposal, and we need your help. The time to stand up against the radical abortion agenda in South Dakota is now. We need passionate South Dakotan’s who are ready to make their stand and defend innocent human life.

If you are willing to invest your time, energy, or resources in the fight, please do so by contacting us or reaching out the Life Defense Fund.