Age verification (HB1257)

The bill which requires explicit websites to implement an age verification system has passed the House on a vote of 62-6. Many of you contacted your Representatives, but now we need you to email your Senator and ask for their support! Our email campaign system makes it quick and easy.


Partners in Education (SB72)

This bill increases the donation amount allowed for the partners in education scholarship program. This scholarship program enables low-income families additional options for their child’s education. The bill has passed 3 legislative hurdles, but is still waiting on a vote in House Appropriations Committee and the House floor. Please contact your Representatives and ask for their support of SB72!


Signature Removal (HB1244)

We know that the pro-aborts have been deceiving citizens during the signature gathering process. Currently, those who were tricked into signing the petition (by being told it was the food tax petition) or those who were lied to (and were told that it was a pro-life petition) have no legal pathway to remove their name from the petition. HB1244 gives them a pathway. The bill has passed the House on a vote of 59-9, and now heads to the Senate. Contact your Senator today and ask for their support!


Obscene Live Performances (HB1178)

We may finally see a victory on the “obscene live performances” legislation. During the previous discussions about children being invited to inappropriate events (which was largely remedied by the Board of Regents) we realized that there is a need to clarify that no obscene live performances be allowed on college campuses. The obscenity line is not just something that is inappropriate or sexual, but extreme in nature. HB1178 clarifies that no events that cross this extreme line will ever be allowed on college property.

Legislative Report Events

Mark your calendars, our legislative report lunch events will be March 27 in Sioux Falls and April 2 in Rapid City! RSVP details coming soon.