There is a lot to report after week 6 of the legislative session! Here are a few highlights.


Age verification (HB1257)

The bill which requires explicit websites to implement an age verification system passed out of committee unanimously, and heads to the House floor. If you haven’t already, please write an email to your Representatives! Our email campaign system makes it quick and easy!


Signature Removal (HB1244)

We know that the pro-aborts have been deceiving citizens during the signature gathering process. Here’s the problem: those who were tricked into signing the petition (by being told it was the food tax petition) or those who were lied to (and were told that it was a pro-life petition) have no legal pathway to remove their name from the petition. HB1244 gives them a pathway. If you haven’t already, please contact your Representatives and ask for their support of this bill!


Anti-Abortion Resolution (HCR6008)

The resolution expressing the legislature’s disapproval of the proposed amendment to the constitution has passed the House and Senate with flying colors! The resolution points to the fact that the amendment is far too extreme for South Dakota, removes health and safety standards for mothers, and allows for late term abortions.


Healthcare Sharing Ministries (HB1207)

A bill which would have undermined the ability of healthcare sharing ministries to operate in South Dakota was killed in a committee this week. We were glad to offer our opposition against the bill which would have placed these ministries under the Department of Insurance (even though these plans are not insurance). We were grateful to be joined in our opposition by Mr. Larry Deiter, the President of the Division of Insurance. He led the charge against the bill and explained why these ministries should not be subject to the burdens that HB1207 would have placed on them.


Total Abortion Repeal (SB210)

One Democrat Senator attempted to completely repeal all of the abortion regulations we have on our books. The bill would have allowed for abortion for any reason before viability, and after viability when the doctor can give a “health” reason for the abortion. The bill died in a Senate committee. This bill was one of several that showed the Democrat’s true colors. You can read more about this bill and two other extreme ideas HERE.