The coronavirus pandemic highlighted many of the pitfalls in public education, as children were forced to learn from home and parents got a closer look at their children’s schooling. Many parents were unhappy with the quality of education and the prolonged lockdowns, which set their children back academically.

These concerns, along with the growing prevalence of Marxist propaganda in schools, led many parents to do away with public schooling altogether.

Now, families are transitioning to homeschooling at the most rapid rate in US history. This is excellent news for children’s mental health, safety, and well-being.

Parents note philosophical differences with their schools, Covid restrictions, and concerns about the quality of education as their reasons for leaving the public school system.

While homeschooling numbers are slightly lower than last year’s record high, they are still drastically higher than pre-pandemic levels. The number of homeschooling students in the U.S. increased by a staggering 63% in the 2020-2021 school year. Many families that opted for homeschooling over remote learning have stuck with it.

This gives parents an important opportunity to become even more involved in their children’s lives. Parents know what is best for their children, meaning they can most effectively direct their children’s education. Further, it is best for children when parents are their primary influencers, rather than secular, pagan culture and activist teachers.

Thankfully, South Dakota is an excellent state for homeschooling, as the law imposes few restrictions on homeschooling families. Parents do not need teaching qualifications and assessments are not required, allowing parents enough freedom to truly direct their children’s education.

Homeschooling is an excellent option for parents who want to protect their children from radical indoctrination and train them for the ideological battle being waged against them by our anti-Christian culture.

In an article published by the Federalist, Katy Faust and Stacy Manning noted that parents’ involvement in fighting the left’s assault on childhood is paramount. The only way to protect children is to engage in the battle with them and teach them why the lies they are being fed are wrong.

Even parents who aren’t able to homeschool should be training their children at home to recognize the lies and deceit of the left. “Your training must start early, be taught daily, and be applied creatively. Take a page from the woke playbook’s ability to weave sex and gender theory into ‘literature classes, math classes, social studies classes, P.E. classes, and art.’ Find ways to connect as many moments throughout each day to biological, economic, and historical reality,” write Faust and Manning.

Pivotal changes are taking place in education in America. While the left continues to take control of public schooling, parents are making necessary changes and refusing to allow their children to be victims of radical indoctrination.

Education is returning to the place it is primarily meant to be, and our children will be better off because of it.