Conservative boycotts are nothing new, but this year they are perhaps more potent than ever. The tide began to turn against the LGBT agenda and their dominance in American culture in early April with backlash over Bud Light’s partnership with a transgender activist, who routinely portrays and stereotypes women as ditzy and stupid. Over the past two and a half months, Bud Light has lost over $27 billion in market value and the controversy has cost them their title as America’s best-selling beer – a spot they have held for over two decades.

The next woke company to fall was Target. Their Pride displays were launched in mid-May and outrage immediately ensued. Their collection featured “tuck-friendly” swimsuits for young boys who want to pretend they’re girls, and “binding” clothes for women who want to pretend they’re men. The collection also featured items designed by a Satanist.

Some of these controversial items were eventually removed, and some Pride displays were relocated to the backs of stores, but Target’s allegiance to the LGBT agenda remains steadfast – they issued a statement saying just that. Even the small decision to move the displays was labeled as “backing down” by those on the left, resulting in numerous bomb threats to Targets across the United States, all because of the company’s alleged “betrayal.”

Boycotts from conservatives over Target’s Pride displays have cost the company over $15.7 billion in market value, and the stock continues to drop.

After seeing the results of these boycotts, some Left-leaning companies are voluntarily backing down before boycotts can begin. One unexpected example is Starbucks. The store is allegedly removing Pride flags, decor and merchandise – although corporate headquarters are denying those claims, for fear of alienating or angering the left. However, it is clear that the company has backed down in some regard, based on their previous gung-ho approach to Pride month.

Another success in what some are calling the “Year of Consumer Backlash” is Major League Baseball ordering teams to ditch their Pride uniforms, based on previous backlash to the rainbow-themed caps and uniform patches.

Conservatives are finally standing up and saying “enough is enough.” When Christians around the nation come together to stand against harmful ideas of the leftist agenda, it makes an undeniable difference. Prayer is our greatest weapon, but we have other tools at our disposal. Boycotts are one of them – and they have clearly been effective at turning the tide of American culture this year.

“It will take a lot more than moving around a few Pride displays for consumers to believe that Starbucks, Target, or any of these woke companies are interested in meaningful change,” editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand Suzanne Bowdey said. “What it does say is that the decision of Americans to shop elsewhere is finally hurting enough for CEOs to respond.” (emphasis added)