Legislators and candidates were scored on issues like Abortion, Marijuana, and Increased Educational Options.


RAPID CITY, SD – Today, the Family Heritage Alliance (FHA) Action released its comprehensive voter guide for the 2022 primary election. Legislators’ records were evaluated using over 10 years of voting history and over 140 pieces of legislation. The topics include the sanctity of life, educational options, marijuana expansion, student privacy, & gambling expansion. In addition, new candidates were asked to publicly take a position on these same five issues, resulting in a clear comparison between candidates.

The voter guide can be found at DakotaVoter.com

Norman Woods, Director of FHA Action, outlined the importance of the guide:

“Every year we see candidates advertising themselves as strong conservative leaders who stand up for the family – but some don’t have a voting record to back it up. Our voter guide is a carefully crafted compilation of over 140 pieces of legislation, showing which lawmakers have a strong record on family values and which ones don’t. This guide will help South Dakotans make informed decisions this year at the polls.” 

In addition to providing a comparison of the candidates who are running, the voter guide also provides helpful information on Amendment C and Marijuana expansion.

FHA Action encourages every citizen to use this information to cast an informed vote this spring, and welcomes anyone who is ready to volunteer and get involved in helping strong candidates.