Global entities are working together to censor conservative voices and ban any ideas that are contrary to the Leftist agenda. Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro believes these organizations are combining forces to “deplatform and demonetize” conservatives with influence – including Family Policy Councils like FHA across the country. Having the FHA Facebook page “shadow-banned” is just the beginning.

The trifecta responsible for this broad attack on conservatives is the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), and NewsGuard, who have taken it upon themselves to determine which materials qualify as “misinformation,” and thus where companies can “safely” advertise their products and services. The WFA, responsible for 90% of “global marketing communications,” launched the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) in 2019, which then became one of the World Economic Forum’s “flagship” projects.

“GARM is an unholy alliance between huge advertisers and social media companies like Google’s YouTube, China’s TikTok, Meta’s Facebook & Instagram, and even Twitter/X and Snapchat. GARM developed something they call the ‘brand safety floor & suitability framework,’” which, Shapiro explained, has some reasonable standards, including those against child pornography and the promotion of graphic terrorist activities. However, it also problematically includes subjective standards against “hate speech” and “discrimination” – which in the modern world can range from actually hateful, violent language to simply “misgendering” someone. GARM abuses the “brand safety floor” standards to unfairly censor conservatives while simultaneously promoting liberal news sites.

For example, conservative commentator Matt Walsh, a Daily Wire contributor, was demonetized on YouTube for simply stating that a man cannot turn into a woman. These basic facts have been labeled as “misinformation” and “hate speech” and thus, according to GARM, make Walsh’s channel inappropriate for advertisers. Many conservative voices rely on advertisers to sponsor their content in order to continue working as independent media personalities, so when their advertisers are stripped from them, so are their jobs. GARM is executing a ground-up strategy to erase conservatives from the media.


The idea that conservative voices are being targeted on a global corporate scale has surpassed the level of conspiracy – even Congress is taking it seriously. The House Judiciary Committee issued subpoenas aimed at WEF because they are concerned GARM is “facilitating coordination by its members in a manner that violates U.S. antitrust law.” 

Of course, this is nothing new. Facebook has been under congressional scrutiny for years due to their blatant liberal bias and censorship of conservative views. What’s new is the global push to destroy the foundation beneath conservative commentators, organizations, and news outlets to completely silence any ideas that question the liberal agenda. 

“If you say true things the elites don’t like, they can blacklist you, demonetize you, or deplatform you,” Shapiro said.

This “deplatforming and demonetizing” phenomenon is not only targeting famous conservative commentators and “influencers.” It has deeply impacted non-profit Christian, conservative organizations like Family Policy Councils. Numerous FPCs have been kicked off of their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs that enabled them to send out newsletters, track/store constituent data, and interact with members of their community. This has impacted FPCs in Tennessee, Louisiana, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maine, and many others. One FPC had their Bank of America account canceled due to their conservative viewpoints, and others have been denied general liability insurance for the same reason.

The Left knows they can’t win with logic, evidence, or compassion, so they are resorting to the final option: silencing anyone who disagrees with them. It’s time to push for accountability, transparency, and truth in woke corporate America.