It’s time to take a stand!

Now more than ever our nation is in need of biblical citizens who grasp the dynamic unity of citizens of the Kingdom of God and citizens of this great nation! Being biblical citizens requires a knowledge of biblical principles and how to apply them to the world around us. You can be the catalyst for restoring biblical values in your neighborhood, state, and nation. In this time of crisis, where we see our freedoms under attack like never before, we are calling on every christian in America to step up and join us in defending liberty.

This 8 week course offers the quick-start guide to the longest standing Constitution in history, complete with an overview of all the Articles and Amendments with our biblical heritage intricately woven throughout the entire course.

  1. Watch the video.

  2. Check your calendar.

  3. Register for the course!

Two churches in South Dakota are hosting Biblical Citizenship Courses:

Rapid City: September 1 – November 3   REGISTER HERE

Sioux Falls: September 12 – October 31   REGISTER HERE


Feedback from previous course attendees:

“I loved the class and I learned a lot. The truth of the Constitution was revealed.”
“In surveys that I have been a part of, the majority of people have not read the Constitution. The Biblical Citizen class has enriched my knowledge of the truths of America’s foundation and the rights of ‘we the people.’ There is so much valuable information in this 8 week class. I would encourage you to gather some of your patriot friends together and join an upcoming class.”
“Biblical Citizenship is so engaging; it keeps great content moving in an interesting and applicable way, helping to understand what’s really behind the Constitution and Declaration. In fact, it inspired me to go to Independence Hall myself!”
“This course empowered me with knowledge to take a stand for Biblical truth. It inspired me to grow deeper in appreciation for the history of our country and the God-given freedom by which we are so richly blessed, and encouraged a desire to seek and boldly defend truth to the world around me. The course is full of so much valuable information…I’m ready for round two!”