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Parkers and Clarks Receive Certificates

Back during the summer, before the snow and the cold weather descended on South Dakota we had visitors to our booth at Hills Alive enter their pastor's names for a drawing.  The gift would go to two pastors and their spouses and would feature a free night at a bed and breakfast for each lucky couple.  Audries Bed and Breakfast and Black Forest Inn both agreed to donate toward this worthy cause.  We have been waiting to get pictures back from the two couples, and this week we finally got that done.  When the drawing was done, Pastors Brent and Tani Parker and Pastor Doug and LeAnne Clark walked away with gift certificates.  Thank you Audries and Black Forest Inn for the contribution to the cause of honoring our pastors.

Pastors Brent and Tani Parker write:

We were pleasantly surprised to find out we had won a night at our FAVORITE getaway! And to top it off, this gift comes from FHA, an organization that is fighting for family and freedom in South Dakota. Double win! Thank you, Dale Bartscher!

Pastors Brent & Tani Parker
Destiny Foursquare Church

Pastor Doug Clark wrote:

Pastor Doug & LeAnne Clark have served the Nisland Independent Community Church as Village Missionaries since 2004. Before this, they served a congregation on the south coast of Oregon.
Doug is also involved in the community as a firefighter with the Nisland/Arpan Fire & Rescue and with Newell Ambulance as an EMT. He loves out-of-doors activities and was raised in Alaska.  LeAnne is the current finance officer for the Town of Nisland, South Dakota and is the busy mom of four energetic boys.

Our focus is to preach the Word of God with clarity, and love the people with Christ's compassion.
Thanks FHA so much for the blessing of encouragement. The FHA is definitely one of God’s “good and perfect gifts” Thanks again, and God bless.


Happy Thanksgiving


November 18 Aberdeen Area Luncheon

On November 18, Executive Director Dale Bartscher, and Advisory Council member Michael Jarratt traveled East to Aberdeen.  The event that took them there was the FHA's Aberdeen Area Luncheon.  Thanks to the good folks at Aberdeen First Assembly did a superb job of hosting the luncheon for us.  Also, thanks to Michael Jarratt who took three days off from his job to travel around the state with Dale.

Dale writes:
We traveled (Michael Jarratt did most of the driving which allowed me to get some work done on the road) to Aberdeen where 11 community Leaders joined us for lunch.  Included in the room were 5 Pastors and the President of CWA here in SD.  It was a great lunch ...  At the end of the meeting we locked in a 15-passenger van to transport Pastors to our Capitol Summit...  God is good.


Carly Fiorina Inspires at November 12 Luncheon

On November 12, braving harsh cold and generally uncooperative weather, 175 folks gathered at Rapid City’s Open Bible Christian Center for our Black Hills Area Luncheon. They came to eat good food because that’s what you do at luncheons. They came to just enjoy the company of good likeminded people. And, they came to hear to be encouraged and inspired by Carly Fiorina (former CEO of Hewlett-Packard) and Dan Schneider (Executive Director of American Conservative Union). The crowd was far from disappointed. Also, at the event, Dale Bartscher, our Executive Director did what he does best, rallying good people around important issues. We also took a few moments out of the program to award to Pastor Gerad Strong (Lead Pastor of RC’s Bethel Assembly Church) the “Beyond the Walls Pastor” award. We could not have pulled off this event without the gracious hospitality and ministry of Associate Pastor Brian McDaniel and the amazing staff at Open Bible Christian Center. To all who pitched in and help make this a memorable day, our sincerest thanks!

If you missed the event, you can catch the keynote addresses in the video clip below (also provided to us by the good folks of Open Bible)!


A Conversation with Five Hundred Friends

We are genuinely humbled by the flood of Facebook friends of late. Far be it from us to brag, but wow, thanks! Just this week, our Facebook page crossed the 500 likes threshold. Now we know it’s not a thousand, but from our perspective, it represents a potential dialogue with 500 pretty important folks and you can’t be a good conversation with 500 friends. If you haven’t liked us yet, we would just be honored if you would stop by and make that connection. Dale recently said that the 500th person would win an all-expense paid trip to Wall, South Dakota. We are trying to determine who lucky number 500 was. Until we figure it out, we will just keep you in suspense! Click here to visit our Facebook page and see what all the fuss is about!


FHA Invited To Keynote The Yankton Rotary Club Meeting

Dale Bartscher, FHA Executive Director was accompanied by FHA Youth and Young Adult Division Coordinator Norman Woods as they recently traveled to Yankton, SD. They were invited there by Matthew Stone the Republican State Senate Candidate from District 18 - pictured here with Dale. Matt is a member of the Yankton Rotary Club and was able to secure Dale as their Club's October 28th Keynote Speaker. Thirty plus community leaders filled the room including State Representative Mike Stevens, State Representative Bernie Hunhoff, State Senator Jean Hunhoff, the County Sheriff and more. Dale shared with those in attendance the mission and work of the Family Heritage Alliance and our efforts with Human Trafficking awareness throughout South Dakota. Following the program he gifted each participant with Family Valued resources such as books, DVD's and informational brochures. The FHA is in hopes that other South Dakota ROTARY CLUBS might invite the FHA to their discussion table going forward.


FHA Executive Director on WNAX RADIO - Yankton

On Monday, October 27, FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher sat in the studio of WNAX Radio in Yankton, SD. He addressed a wide radio audience on who the FHA is and our Human Trafficking efforts across the state of South Dakota. News Director Jerry Oster recently said, "Here we are at an AM radio station, in the early part of the 21st century. Radio's been pronounced dead half a dozen times. TV was going to kill it, the Internet's going to kill it. But we're still here." According to the radio personalities in the room that day - the FHA has a place at their microphone anytime we're in the area and have some news to share.


Christian Heritage Week

Western Dakota Families Shares the Following:

Our governor, Dennis Daugaard, has signed a declaration proclaiming that November 2nd-8th is the 20th Annual South Dakota Christian Heritage Week!

This is the schedule of speaking engagements for Dr. Catherine Millard who has been instrumental in establishing Christian Heritage Weeks in almost every state in our union. She is also the author of The Rewriting of American History among about a dozen additional books.

Catherine herself will be traveling this route. This schedule was established some time ago and there is a chance it could be modified, changed, or added to. Catherine will have access to a rental car as she journeys around our state and into Wyoming.

Itinerary for "South Dakota's 20th Annual Christian Heritage Week,
November 2-8, 2014:"

Monday, November 3, 2014: Heritage Christian School, Gillette, WY.
Tuesday, November 4, 2014: Liberty Baptist Christian School, Rapid City.
Wednesday, November 5, 2014: Black Hills Christian Academy, Spearfish.
Thursday, November 6, 2014: Spearfish Classical Christian Academy, Spearfish.
Friday, November 7, 2014: Solid Rock Christian Academy, Moorecroft, WY.

Click here to read the Governor's proclamation


The Importance of the Christian Vote

By S.D. Representative / Pastor Scott Craig

Click here for the manuscript of Scott's message...


Stand 2014

Although Family Heritage Alliance has fundraising events scattered throughout the year, the primary source of our income is our annual “Stand” banquet. The concept is a simple one. We bring together supporters and potential supporters from all around the area, drop in some notable elected officials and candidates, charge the room with faith and patriotism, then add a powerhouse keynote speaker, and step back and see what happens. This year was exceptional for a couple of reasons. First off, this is the first time in the history of the FHA that we have done back to back Stand banquets in Rapid City and Sioux Falls (no small feat—I assure you). Secondly, we shattered our attendance record (which wasn’t hard to do in Sioux Falls). Since the October 16 gala was the inaugural Sioux Falls Stand banquet, the 240 in attendance beat last year significantly. On October 14 In Rapid City, the standing room only Civic Center LaCroix hall saw 620 in attendance (up almost 100 from last year). The Sioux Falls event was held, thanks to the hospitality of Pastor Wade Mobley and his team, at Living Word Free Lutheran Church.

In Rapid City, Senator Rick Santorum keynoted the event, absolutely mesmerizing the crowd. In Sioux Falls, Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins had the keynote honors. As a longtime friend of the FHA, Tony has never failed to ignite the crowd, and October 16 was no exception.

Our Executive Director, Dale Bartscher delivered a report on the FHA’s work at both events. Pastor / Representative Scott Craig emceed both events. The army of individuals responsible for these two massive undertakings would be too numerous to list. You know who you are, and more importantly, so does God! He gets all the glory! To all who worked the long hard hours to make Stand 2014 the stunning success it was, a heartfelt and sincere thank you!

See our Facebook page for additional pictures of the events. Video from both events should be up soon.


FHA Team Attends DC Values Voter Summit

FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher and FHA Advisory Council Chair Bob Fischer were in attendance at this years' Values Voter Summit. The Summit was hosted by the Family Research Council (FRC Action) based in DC. A constant theme throughout the three-day event was the growing assault on religious liberty overseas and here at home. Featured speakers included Naghmeh Abedini, wife of Pastor Saeed Abedini, David and Jason Benham, Aaron and Melissa Klein, and Mariam Ibraheem (pictured here with Dale as she has been recently released from a Sudanese Prison after having been jailed due to her amazingly strong Christian faith) -- all of whom have experienced varying degrees of persecution for their faith.

For the second year in row, Senator Ted Cruz finished first in the Values Voter straw poll, winning 25% of the vote. Dr. Ben Carson finished second with 20%, followed by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee with 12%. Rounding out the top five were former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum in fourth place, followed by a tie for fifth between Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Dale found himself working the crowd, networking with passionately conservative, Christian world-viewed Leaders from across the country. Two such Leaders were Senator Rick Santorum, our FHA's West River Stand Banquet's Keynote Speaker (pictured here) and Bill Crystal, a conservative national news commentator (also pictured here).

To view and listen to the many guest speakers, including FRC President Tony Perkins, click here to watch them online.


Happy Anniversary FHA


Religious Liberty Tour Swings Across S.D.

The South Dakota Religious Liberty Tour is now history. The Liberty Institute’s Jeremiah Dys, Esq., and our Executive Director, Dale Bartscher worked hard to deliver hard-hitting information at three venues across the state of South Dakota. The kickoff to the tour was in Rapid City on September 17. The musical group “Heart of David” provided a fantastic listening experience prior to the beginning of the kickoff event. 152 enthusiastic friends of the FHA joined us in Rapid City to listen to Dale and Jeremiah address the issues. The dynamic duo then left for Aberdeen where, on September 18, 20 folks joined them for lunch and part two of the tour. Ending the tour the evening of September 18 in Sioux Falls, Bartscher and Dys were welcomed by a crowd of 50. We want to extend our gratitude to “Heart of David”, the Liberty Institute, and especially to Mr. Dys for the gift of his time and expertise. Also, we are so grateful to the following pastors and their staff and volunteers for making this tour possible.

  • Pastor Craig Moore, Pastor of Rapid City’s First Assembly of God
  • Pastor Jon Droege, Pastor of Aberdeen Christian Fellowship
  • Pastors Kirk Flaa and Matthew Ballmann of Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls