May 7 we are hosting a preview night for StEP! (Students Empowered to Prevail) The purpose of the program is to equip youth with cultural, worldview, and political knowledge they need to understand the world they live in and defend their beliefs.

The first piece of the program is an 8 week class on Monday evenings, 7:00-8:00pm. They will be going through The Secret Battle of Ideas About God curriculum, plus information from Prager University and others.

If students wish to continue after this course, there are 4 other pieces to the program:

• The second piece being a week of leadership training in Montana at Clark Canyon Bible Camp the week of July 16.
• The third piece is attending the TeenPact Leadership Class in February of 2019.
• The fourth piece is another 8-weeks of Monday night classes in the Spring of 2019.
• The Final piece is attending a 12-day worldview training with Summit Ministries.

These pieces are meant to be “take them as they come,” and signing up for the first 8-week class does not commit a student to all 5 steps of the program.
If you or your student are interested in learning more, there will be an introductory evening May 7th for parents and students to preview the first lesson in the curriculum and answer any questions as you decide if this is something your student should be involved in. If you would like to attend, call the RC office at (605)718.5433

Recommended age: 15-20
Cost for first 8-week class: $50 (includes required book)
Preview Evening: May 7th, 7:00pm, Rapid City FHA Office