At the end of the 8 week worldview class the students were asked to share their biggest takeaways, here are a few highlights from their responses!

“Secularism, Marxism, Postmodernism, New Spirituality, Islam, and Christianity. These are the six worldviews. No matter what you believe in or if you don’t believe in anything at all you still follow one of these views. This eight week course has helped me discover more about how others think and feel, but also how I as a Christian really think and feel. Throughout the past several classes I have learned how to properly and efficiently defend my faith against these other views since I now know their ways of thinking. One of my biggest takeaways is having a clear visual of Christianity. God is all powerful and loving, which is why many flock to Him. He always gives a direct answer and nothing that is fuzzy or unclear unlike many of the other worldviews. This in itself had a huge impact on me because not only can use this in defending/sharing my faith, but it showed me that God is not an unclear or confusing God yet a God of understanding and comprehension. All in all The Secret Battles of Ideas About God put a imprint on my life that I will never forget.” -Lauren

“The lesson that was my biggest takeaway from this class was that God gives us skills and passions for a reason. He is a creative and loving God, and he made us all different. He didn’t create us all to be missionaries or pastors, but to do something we’re designed for. When we are doing what we were designed for, “Your master can guide you with a whisper.” -Hannah

“I enjoyed learning about the different worldviews; it amazes me that after taking this class I can clearly define the differences in beliefs. I have noticed myself identifying worldviews by listening to people; I believe this helps me in debating because I know what they truly believe before entering into a debate. The biggest takeaway for me is the fact that so many people settle for cloudy answers to important questions instead of searching for and researching the truth.  People rarely think for themselves.  Even those people raised in Christian homes fall away from the church and want to experience & believe what the world is offering instead of questioning what the world is offering.” -Riley