The 8-week worldview class is well underway! The students completed week #5 this past Monday. The 10 students who have been attending the class have been going through the book “The Secret Battle of Ideas About God” by Jeff Myers, submitting brief homework assignments, and watching supplementary lectures on top of attending class each week. The curriculum takes the 6 major worldviews of today and gives their answers to 6 key questions people are asking:

Am I loved? – Every person’s heart asks this question. The world has experimented with many different ways to find and experience love, most of which have left us feeling empty. Of the 5 false worldviews, the secular and postmodern worldviews are the most vocal on this topic, especially in the west. To a secularist, the key to finding love is freeing ourselves from any restraint. A postmodernist will tell you that we use the term love to describe what we “actually want,” which is sex. The Christian worldview says “Yes, you are loved unconditionally.”

Why do I hurt? – There is no shortage of pain and heartache in our world today. Many people are asking the question “Why did this painful thing happen to me?” or many times “How can a good and loving God allow evil and pain?” The secularist and marxist worldviews aren’t very helpful, as they basically say there is no evil, just accidents. The worldviews that fall into the category of New Spirituality aren’t much help either. To them, everything physical is an illusion. Your pain therefore, is just an illusion. The Christian worldview not only explains why the capability of evil exists, but also gives a path to healing.

Does my life have meaning? – The postmodern narrative of “there is no such thing as real truth” has left our young people hungry for meaning. Secularism says the only meaning in your life is that which you assign to it, and the postmodern worldview tells people to stop looking for meaning. The Christian worldview answers this question with a resounding Yes! You were created by a God who has gifted you with unique skills and abilities, and has a plan for your life.

Why can’t we all get along? – Today’s world can seem full of conflict, strife and struggle. Why is this and how can we stop it? Secularism says get rid of religion and everyone will stop fighting. Postmodernists take it a step further and tell us that if we get rid of absolute right and wrong then everyone will stop fighting. Marxism says we need to escalate the conflict between us and the rich in order to overthrow them and achieve peace and equality. The Christian worldview says that peace starts inside us by having a relationship with our creator, and his “shalom” can solve our struggles and conflicts.

Stay tuned for weeks 6, 7 & 8!