It would be almost impossible to walk away from a Watchmen on the Wall event without being personally impacted. The presentations from the event are available online, but they don’t always tell the whole story. Here are a few thoughts from several of the South Dakota attendees:

“We are so excited to share with you what God has been doing in our area! The Thursday after we returned home from Washington DC, we showed the Josh McDowell clip on Pornography to both the men and ladies at our Bible Study! Wow…. what a turn out and move of God, because that Saturday the men from our bible study took it to the Assembly of God Church in Brandon and presented it to the Youth Bible Study!! PTL!!!
The response was truly a miracle! We were honored to be a part of what God is doing at a national and state level!”

God is moving in a mighty way!!!
Blessings!!! Dave and Victoria Obenauer

“From start to finish the Watchmen on the Wall experience was one that is not soon worn down. The energy that I felt coming home to get in the game was unmatched by about any conference I have attended. Being in our Nation’s capital alone is inspiring, then you add to that factor the quality speakers and the connecting that goes on with others in the nation who believe in engaging the culture, it all adds up to something worth the time and the dollars. Not being a pastor, I pay twice as much, but it’s worth it. Hearing from speakers up close like, Josh McDowell and General Boykin, (not to mention the surprise visit from Vice President Mike Pence) was inspiring, informative and down right fun! Going on the tour of the Capitol building with David Barton along with friends, Dallas and Sarah McKinley, was a highlight to the experience. David Barton has so much historic information coming out of his mouth; it is amazing. To top all that off, we South Dakota pastors and leaders hung out as much as possible together and connected with others in the state. That is worth so much!Plan on it for next year and get involved in the Watchmen Pastor’s network.”

-Amy Wagner

Watchmen on the Wall presented three themes this year: Repent, Unite, and Engage.
1- Repent
The first challenge at WOTW was repentance for sin in the church. A few months ago our church showed a video from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association entitled, “Flying Blind” which addresses this often neglected area of church life. It was amazing to see God move in so many pastors to come forward to pray at the end of this first session. Do you have three friends that you can call about anything? Be it prayer or help…
2- Unite
Jesus’ prayer in John 17 was for Christians to be one so that the world would believe! A Watchmen pastor presented how the pastors in his area did just that – the pastors in the city were each other’s associate pastors! What a concept! It was a huge testimony to the community!
3- Engage
General Jerry Boykin explained a few Greek and Latin terms that various branches of our military have adopted as their mottos. Among them are “This I freely give”, “Come and take them”, “To free the oppressed”, and “That I might serve.” The spiritual parallels of these military mottos are self-evident.

Our country was built on God’s morals which have given us a heritage of serving Him and serving others. When our focus is on Him and then others, what happens to the sin in our life that would like to take us down? It becomes ineffective.

Repent, Unite, Engage. Right out of Romans chapter 6! The impact of this event cannot be expressed through an online post. Please make plans to send your pastor to Watchmen on the Wall next year in Washington, DC.

-Phil Shively