For Immediate Release, September 12, 2018

The Board of Directors of Family Heritage Alliance (FHA) is pleased to announce the election of Norman Woods as their Executive Director.

Norman comes from a family that has spent years inspiring youth in their relationship with Christ, training them to defend the Christian faith, value our liberties, understand the political process and engage the culture around them.

Several weeks ago, the current department directors, Phil Shively and Ed Randazzo and the staff formally and unanimously asked the Board to consider his appointment as Executive Director.

He has already been doing what the Apostle Paul instructed the young Pastor Timothy to do; to not let anyone underestimate or object to his leadership because he is young. Instead, he was to give the older Believers an example to follow with his life: his words, his demeanor, love, faith, and integrity. We believe the same applies here and Norman’s youth will also provide a pathway to reaching a broad base of constituents as we move forward. The staff team is eager to work under his leadership while providing him the broad support necessary to expand the impact of the FHA in our state.

John Quincy Adams was the assistant to our ambassador to Russia at 14 years old. That manner of maturity was common then, but today from time to time, a prayerful, God-ordained young leader will still emerge… and we have one in our midst.

Scott CraigBoard Chair, Family Heritage Alliance

Patrick ClinchBoard Chair, FHA Action