Legislative Session

Ed Randazzo and I were proud to represent FHA Action during the 2018 Legislative Session and were honored to be a part in several victories including the passage of SB110 which held Planned Parenthood of SD accountable for several failures and the defeat of SJR9 which was the first step towards an expansion of gambling into Yankton, SD.


Ministry Leader’s Capitol Summit

This event is always a highlight of our Legislative session, and 2018 was no exception! When asked to share the most rewarding part of the day, attendees responded with favorites like: “Ushering prayer into the capitol,” “Praying with Legislators,” “Meeting with like-minded believers,” & “Filling the Capitol with praise to God as we sang on the steps” (my personal favorite).


Culture Impact Teams

Under Phil Shively’s leadership, we has been able to increase the Culture Impact Team network across the state and have already seen the success of these teams in situations like the Western Dakota Tech. Policy #2005 campaign. The Rapid City teams were called upon, and helped us collect over 420 signatures in 2 weeks!


The StEP Worldview Class

In May/June of 2018, 12 students attended the first “StEP” class. Here’s what Riley had to say after finishing:

“I enjoyed learning about the different worldviews; it amazes me that after taking this class I can clearly define the differences in beliefs. I have noticed myself identifying worldviews by listening to people; I believe this helps me in debating because I know what they truly believe before entering into a debate. The biggest takeaway for me is the fact that so many people settle for cloudy answers to important questions instead of searching for and researching the truth.  People rarely think for themselves.  Even those people raised in Christian homes fall away from the church and want to experience & believe what the world is offering instead of questioning what the world is offering.” -Riley (StEP Worldview Student)


Our Vision for 2019

As we look to the next year, our purpose remains simple: we will continue to protect and promote Faith, Family & Freedom through working to stop threatening policy decisions from being made and through equipping statesman to enact good public policy.

South Dakota has been given an opportunity unlike most other states. We are, as a state, beginning a period of potential.

Look to the Governor’s office, you will see strong Christian leadership.

Look to the Senate chamber, you will see capable Godly leaders.

Look to the House, you will see leaders committed to Biblical values.

This is not to say that no previous Governor has been committed to Biblical values, nor that members of Legislative leadership have never given an ear to Faith, Family & Freedom, but simply that the future looks bright as we begin to work with the new Administration and new Legislative leaders.

What does this mean? That it’s time for Christians to “take a break” because there are good leaders in place? No, far from it. This means that it’s our time to shine. We need to continue offering research help to our allies, and enable them to make the most of the opportunities ahead. We need to continue building the Culture Impact Team network, and show the State that when leaders take a stand, the body of Christ will stand with them.

Thank you for your involvement in 2018, and we look forward to your standing with us in 2019 as we work to make South Dakota a State where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive & life is cherished!