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FHA Advisory Council Brings Movie "Unconditional" to R.C.

The Family Heritage Alliance Advisory Council is bringing the movie "Unconditional" to the Elks Theatre in Rapid City.

Mark your calendar for Monday, May 18.  The movie will show one time only at 7:00 PM.

The movie is rated PG13.


National Day of Prayer Events

By Executive Director Dale Bartscher

The 64th annual National Day of Prayer was held Thursday, May 7. This year's theme comes from I Kings 8:28: "Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day." All across South Dakota Believers bent the knee in prayer.  

I was blessed to have been a participant in two SD National Day of Prayer events.  First, 35 of us met over the noon hour at the State Capitol in Pierre, SD.  We gathered in the beautiful setting of the Capitol Rotunda to sing, pray and listen to an inspiring message by state Representative and Pastor Scott Craig.  Scott also serves on the Board of the Family Heritage Alliance.  Then, approximately 200 of us met that evening in the beautiful theater of the Rapid City Christian School.  It may have well been the finest NDP event I have ever had the honor of participating in.  We give honor to Amy Wagner, SD’s NDP state coordinator and FHA Advisory Council member.

From the redefinition of marriage, to the state of race relations in America, to the cultural attacks on our religious liberties and the fight against radical Islam, there is certainly plenty to pray about.  Recently Dr. James Dobson sent a powerful letter to supporters and in it he wrote in part:

"I do not recall a time when the institutions of marriage and the family have faced such peril, or when the forces arrayed against them were more formidable or determined. Barring a miracle, the family that has existed since antiquity will likely crumble, presaging the fall of Western civilization itself. This is a time for concerted prayer, divine wisdom and greater courage than we have ever been called upon to exercise."

I couldn't agree more.  Remember, “Prayer isn’t all that we should do but we should do nothing until we have prayed!” 

FRC’s Chaplain & National Prayer Director Pastor Pierre Bynum commented on the NDP, writing: "Noticeably different from last year was a heightened sense of desperation. Church leaders and lay people alike are painfully concerned for our nation and are turning to God in prayer. The growing cry from God’s people is our own greatest cause for hope."

Pastor Brandt of "Shepherding the Shepherds" ministry had this to say:

Dear Amy & Dale,

Thank you so much for last evening's National Day of Prayer Gathering. What a blessing!

From the music to the pledge & national anthem to Pastor Scott's message to each meaningful prayer offered in Jesus' Name, the evening honored God and the heritage of our Land. Thank you for the prayerful preparation and promotion to make it happen. May Christ bless you for your dedication and ongoing efforts to help drawn our Christian community together in unity and love of God and one another.

Crying Out to Jesus,
Pastor Brandt


Boykin to Address Monumental Hour of Prayer


2015 Shepherds' Symposium Tour Spotlights Fatherlessness

This year’s three city Shepherds’ Symposium Tour centered around the topic: Defending The Cause of the Fatherless. Our keynote speaker was Mike McNeill of the Fathers In The Field ministry headquartered in Colorado. Mike profoundly stated the problem and challenged all in attendance with a workable solution. Fathers In The Field was founded on the Bible verse Isaiah 1:17 "Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; Plead the case of the widow.” Their mission is to rekindle and establish the spirit of boys who have been abandoned by their fathers; mentoring them one-on-one in life-skills through outdoor activities, and by sharing a Christian understanding of our Heavenly Father’s love and sacrifice for His Children.

Why This Theme, why now? Well, with 50% of this country’s children growing up in homes without their fathers. We are losing an entire generation of boys. We face a major social issues that creates a deep, anger-filled soul-wound that an abandoned child suffers from and carries with them. This must be healed.

  • 72% of adolescent murders are committed by fatherless children
  • Fatherless boys are 11 time more likely to exhibit violent behavior
  • 85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes – 32 times the average

The three cities selected this year by the FHA were Hot Springs (April 28), Spearfish (April 29) and Rapid City (April 30). We were thankful for our three host churches and their Pastors: Pastor Mark Crossman, Hot Springs Southern Hills Evangelical Free Church; Pastor Mark Fuhr, Spearfish Countryside Community Church; and Pastor Nathan Ennis, Rapid City Black Hills Fellowship Church.

Other blessings surrounded this year’s Shepherds’ Symposium in the form of the gracious financial backing by Thrivent Financial. Our keynote speaker was also hosted in his lodging by Pastor Mike and Colleen Brandt of the Shepherding The Shepherds Ministry.

The FHA Board and Staff spent some quality time meeting and dining with Mike McNeill one evening during the symposium tour. We listened to him speak, and prayed for him and this ministry of such vital importance. Now we look forward to planning and hosting our NEXT great event in our great state of South Dakota! There is NO GRASS growing under the feet of the FHA and FHA ACTION!


FHA Executive Director Attends Mitchell LDD

Approximately 100 patriots gathered at the Ramada Inn in Mitchell for this year’s Davison County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner (LDD). FHA’s Executive Director Dale Bartscher was once again invited and blessed each participant with a complimentary copy of our country’s Constitution. The evening’s Master of Ceremonies was SD’s Secretary of State Shantel Krebs and the keynote speaker was our SD Attorney General Marty Jackley.

The evening began with prayer from FHA friend and fellow patriot Pastor Keith Nash of the Mitchell First Wesleyan Church. Then Pastor Keith then picked up an old handsaw and played a beautiful rendition of ‘American The Beautiful’ with his wife, Sandra, on the piano and granddaughter Anna Gross as soloist.

Remember it was President Abraham Lincoln who wisely said at his First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861 the following: "Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him who has never yet forsaken this favored land, are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulty."


The Dead End of Sexual Sin


Religious Freedom


Faith and Hope Community Breakfast

The Family Heritage Alliance was one of a host of sponsors and organizers responsible for this year's Faith and Hope (Rapid City) Community Breakfast.  Around 380 community leaders gathered for good food, prayer, and the opportunity to hear Walt Wilson.  Walt has had a colorful career and his resume' is a long one.  He served in the US Marines, and afterward had a hugely successful career in Silicon Valley, including some time as an executive at Apple.  He now runs Global Media Outreach which is a network of websites that have brought the word of God to 1.3 billion people in 132 countries.


JWC ScholarShare Banquet to Feature Lee Strobel


CitizenLink Talks Indiana RFRA


Stephanopoulos squares off against Governor Pence



March Luncheons On Both Sides of the State

On March 25, the FHA team was out in force at Rapid City’s Cedar Canyon Camp where 140 guests joined us for our Black Hills Area Luncheon. As is always the case when the TeenPact crew joins our projects, the room was infused with enthusiasm and energy. The TeenPact youth were an awesome addition as they served and some even spoke of their work and education in the TeenPact organization. Local area coordinator for TeenPact, Joanne Woods did a great job as she always does. Also joining us was our army of volunteers, too numerous to mention, without whom, the luncheon just would not have been possible. The program was led by our Executive Director, Dale Bartscher, who gave a report on the ongoing work of FHA, and a detailed report on the legislative work of FHA Action during the S.D. 2015 legislative session. Also, on stage, were the following:

  • Qusi Al-Haj representing Senator John Thune and reporting on Thune’s work in Washington D.C.
  • Adam Kaemingk representing Senator Mike Rounds and reporting on Round’s work in Washington D.C.
  • Kyle Holt representing Representative Kristi Noem and reporting on Noem’s work in Washington D.C.

FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher and FHA Young Adult and Youth Coordinator Norman Woods were boots on the ground in Sioux Falls this past Thursday, March 26. An FHA Luncheon was held as sixty-one patriots, young and old, gather at the Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church in what was one of the finest FHA events held to date in Sioux Falls. Abiding Savior’s Care Ministry Pastor David Olson opened the luncheon in Prayer and then all enjoyed a Pizza Ranch catered meal. In the House were a number of Legislators, Pastors and culturally concerned moms and dads. It was awesome to have as guests a number of young College Republicans from Augustana College along with a host of TeenPact Students. Encouraging Congressional Reports were given by Senator Round’s East River Director Mark Johnston and Senator Thune’s Constituent Services Representative Taylor Hoekstra. Dale shared FHA’s recent statewide activities, our work at the Capitol during the 90th Legislative Session and future FHA events. We now look forward to our next Sioux Falls Area Luncheon on Tuesday, May 12.


Citizen Magazine Features Work of FHA

Editor’s note: As Communications Director at FHA and FHA Action, I walk a rather fine line. On the one hand, I don’t want our communications to come off boastful or self-promoting. On the other hand, we have a host of folks who invest their hard earned money in the work we do, and they need to know that they are getting maximum bang for their buck. So, please consider the following, not as boastful, but as humbly submitting to our donors (both current and future) the quality of the work done by FHA and FHA Action.  --John Dennis

For an actor or director to receive an “Academy Award of Merit” (or as it is commonly known -- an Oscar) is a pretty big deal. It is a big deal for several reasons of course, but maybe the most significant of all is the fact that the award is granted by over 5,000 film industry leaders. In other words, the folks who know the film industry the best have stamped their approval on the film maker’s work. It’s one thing to get a nod of approval from a casual movie goer, but when your peers approve, that’s means quite a lot more.

In the world of public policy from a Biblical worldview, no one knows the landscape better than Family Research Council (FRC), Focus on the Family, and CitizenLink. Back in October, FRC’s President, Tony Perkins, complimented the work of the FHA and especially the leadership of our Executive Director, Dale Bartscher. This week, CitizenLink’s magazine “Citizen” hit the newsstands, and in it was a gracious four page piece by Matt Kaufman entitled “Squelching the Slave Trade”. The article focuses entirely on the work of the FHA and the network of people and organizations with whom we work closely in the fight against Human Trafficking. The article discusses our partnership with folks like Pastor Scott Craig, Tess Franzen, and many in the law enforcement and legal communities.

In the world we live in, we don’t get awards. That’s probably a good thing. However, we do get the reward of knowing we are promoting and protecting the core values on which this nation was founded. We like that. And once in a while, we get a nod from leaders in our field. We would certainly be doing this work regardless, but it serves to remind those good folks who support our work that they are investing in a hard-working organization and getting a good return on that investment.

I wish I could give you a link to an online version of the article, but as of this writing, I couldn’t find one. So you may just have subscribe to Citizen (click here).


Cavetime USA

"We will converge at Dry Gulch USA on April 24 & 25 to do battle together. Men from across the country will show up to worship, pray, and study the word. Join us as we lock shields and stand against the giants of lust, porn, & sex trafficking. Cavetime USA is open to all men age 12 and up. The cost of Cavetime USA is $110.00 per person. This includes a registration packet, The Sling, Cavetime book, meals, lodging, and activities such as go karts, arcade, basketball, sling competitions and more. Gather your posse and come kindle a fire with Cavetime USA. Check in begins at 2:00pm on Friday, April 24 and will remain open until dinner begins at 6:30pm. Dry Gulch, USA 572 Dry Gulch Rd, Adair, OK 74330"

For more info click here.

To register, click here.


New Office Suite in Rapid City

As the Family Heritage Alliance has grown, and as our mission has expanded, so has our need for office space. As you may know, we recently opened an office in Sioux Falls in attempt to address some of the increased office needs. If you have visited our Rapid City office, you have seen a nice spacious suite on the second floor of the “Life and Liberty Building” on Rapid’s West side. This suite provided a spacious office for our Executive Director, a work / storage room, a conference area, a kitchen, a reception station, and one work station (sometimes occupied by our Communications Director). Well, as of Sunday, December 7, the FHA officially moved our operations to one of the suites on the first floor of the same building. This new suite boasts an additional 518 square feet and comes complete with kitchen, conference area, a reception / interview room, work / storage room, and six offices. The suite also comes with a much improved telephone and office communications system. The last week has been a turbulent one as we have worked to get systems up and online and everything in its place. We are just about to the point where we can say we have the move completed. We are so appreciative to the team that did the “heavy lifting” last Sunday. Thanks TeenPact Teens, Norman Woods, Clark Ericks, Carol Black, and Jan Bartscher for your exhausting work getting it all moved. Thank you Amy Willson for tirelessly working on bringing order out of the chaos! Stop by and see our new facility. The coffee is always on.


Business Ramping Up at Sioux Falls Office

As of Tuesday, July 1, the FHA moved boldly to "the next level" as we officially occupied our office in Sioux Falls.  The office is located in the FCA building (1601 East 69th Street Suite #206).  We are now keeping regular office hours with volunteers and or staff in the office on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00 AM to Noon.  In this picture (taken in our Sioux Falls office)  Pam Myers and Marlys Larsen are shown.  These two ladies regularly volunteer for us in Sioux Falls.  We are so grateful for the work these folks are doing for us.  By the way, the Sioux Falls office phone number is 605-274-3335.


November 18 Aberdeen Area Luncheon

On November 18, Executive Director Dale Bartscher, and Advisory Council member Michael Jarratt traveled East to Aberdeen.  The event that took them there was the FHA's Aberdeen Area Luncheon.  Thanks to the good folks at Aberdeen First Assembly did a superb job of hosting the luncheon for us.  Also, thanks to Michael Jarratt who took three days off from his job to travel around the state with Dale.

Dale writes:
We traveled (Michael Jarratt did most of the driving which allowed me to get some work done on the road) to Aberdeen where 11 community Leaders joined us for lunch.  Included in the room were 5 Pastors and the President of CWA here in SD.  It was a great lunch ...  At the end of the meeting we locked in a 15-passenger van to transport Pastors to our Capitol Summit...  God is good.


Carly Fiorina Inspires at November 12 Luncheon

On November 12, braving harsh cold and generally uncooperative weather, 175 folks gathered at Rapid City’s Open Bible Christian Center for our Black Hills Area Luncheon. They came to eat good food because that’s what you do at luncheons. They came to just enjoy the company of good likeminded people. And, they came to hear to be encouraged and inspired by Carly Fiorina (former CEO of Hewlett-Packard) and Dan Schneider (Executive Director of American Conservative Union). The crowd was far from disappointed. Also, at the event, Dale Bartscher, our Executive Director did what he does best, rallying good people around important issues. We also took a few moments out of the program to award to Pastor Gerad Strong (Lead Pastor of RC’s Bethel Assembly Church) the “Beyond the Walls Pastor” award. We could not have pulled off this event without the gracious hospitality and ministry of Associate Pastor Brian McDaniel and the amazing staff at Open Bible Christian Center. To all who pitched in and help make this a memorable day, our sincerest thanks!

If you missed the event, you can catch the keynote addresses in the video clip below (also provided to us by the good folks of Open Bible)!


A Conversation with Five Hundred Friends

We are genuinely humbled by the flood of Facebook friends of late. Far be it from us to brag, but wow, thanks! Just this week, our Facebook page crossed the 500 likes threshold. Now we know it’s not a thousand, but from our perspective, it represents a potential dialogue with 500 pretty important folks and you can’t be a good conversation with 500 friends. If you haven’t liked us yet, we would just be honored if you would stop by and make that connection. Dale recently said that the 500th person would win an all-expense paid trip to Wall, South Dakota. We are trying to determine who lucky number 500 was. Until we figure it out, we will just keep you in suspense! Click here to visit our Facebook page and see what all the fuss is about!


FHA Invited To Keynote The Yankton Rotary Club Meeting

Dale Bartscher, FHA Executive Director was accompanied by FHA Youth and Young Adult Division Coordinator Norman Woods as they recently traveled to Yankton, SD. They were invited there by Matthew Stone the Republican State Senate Candidate from District 18 - pictured here with Dale. Matt is a member of the Yankton Rotary Club and was able to secure Dale as their Club's October 28th Keynote Speaker. Thirty plus community leaders filled the room including State Representative Mike Stevens, State Representative Bernie Hunhoff, State Senator Jean Hunhoff, the County Sheriff and more. Dale shared with those in attendance the mission and work of the Family Heritage Alliance and our efforts with Human Trafficking awareness throughout South Dakota. Following the program he gifted each participant with Family Valued resources such as books, DVD's and informational brochures. The FHA is in hopes that other South Dakota ROTARY CLUBS might invite the FHA to their discussion table going forward.


Christian Heritage Week

Western Dakota Families Shares the Following:

Our governor, Dennis Daugaard, has signed a declaration proclaiming that November 2nd-8th is the 20th Annual South Dakota Christian Heritage Week!

This is the schedule of speaking engagements for Dr. Catherine Millard who has been instrumental in establishing Christian Heritage Weeks in almost every state in our union. She is also the author of The Rewriting of American History among about a dozen additional books.

Catherine herself will be traveling this route. This schedule was established some time ago and there is a chance it could be modified, changed, or added to. Catherine will have access to a rental car as she journeys around our state and into Wyoming.

Itinerary for "South Dakota's 20th Annual Christian Heritage Week,
November 2-8, 2014:"

Monday, November 3, 2014: Heritage Christian School, Gillette, WY.
Tuesday, November 4, 2014: Liberty Baptist Christian School, Rapid City.
Wednesday, November 5, 2014: Black Hills Christian Academy, Spearfish.
Thursday, November 6, 2014: Spearfish Classical Christian Academy, Spearfish.
Friday, November 7, 2014: Solid Rock Christian Academy, Moorecroft, WY.

Click here to read the Governor's proclamation